Why I'm Running
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I've lived and worked in Montgomery County for my entire life; our community is a great place to call home. 
But I'm running for Council because we need leaders who will be honest about the serious challenges we face - from 55,000 MCPS students living near or below the poverty line to environmental degradation to the outsized influence of large campaign donors on our local politics.
I hope you'll consider joining our campaign. With your help, we can build a more equitable school system, a more sustainable economy, and a more responsive local government. 
Let's get to work!


Students from every neighborhood in Montgomery County deserve the resources and support they need to succeed in school, be it special education services, advanced technology coursework, or a well-trained counselor.


Chris will fight for funding and accountability for MCPS, and to expand access to early childhood education and community college.



Montgomery County is not exempt from the national issue of economic inequality. In our county, the unemployment rate for African American residents is 10%, and only 4% for white residents. 


Chris will fight for a local economy that helps families build assets - from home ownership to small businesses - that are rooted here in our community.


We must preserve our local environment by pursuing sustainable development, enacting a real zero waste plan, and fully transitioning off of fossil fuels by 2035 at the very latest.

Chris will fight to protect our watersheds, and to close the Dickenson trash incinerator that pollutes our air and water.


Mailing Address:

4740 Bradley Blvd #202

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

By Authority: Chris Wilhelm for County Council. Elizabeth McMeekin, Treasurer.
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