It's crucial that we continue to invest as much as possible in our per-pupil funding in MCPS. But middle and working class families can't afford a property tax increase every two years to fund our growing school system. That's why it's so important that the County Council and County Executive work more effectively with Montgomery County's state legislative delegation to make sure that upcoming changes to state funding for education reflect Montgomery County's growing and diverse population. 

Fighting for State Funding is Key


While specific school system policies are set by the Board of Education, County Councilmembers on the Education Committee can help lead a public conversation about what is happening in our schools.


A few things are clear: students are spending hours upon hours taking standardized assessments, few of which are actually used to shape future instruction.

And while teachers are motivated more than ever to provide equitable, quality instruction for their students, they don't have enough planning time - nor small enough classes - to do everything it takes to make this happen. As demands on teachers and counselors grow each year, we need more time to plan, assess, and collaborate with colleagues in order to meet the needs of every unique student in our school system - that means funding for staffing, facilities, and training.

Let Teachers Teach


Universal Education


Even in an age of tight budgets we should strive to fund universal education, from pre-k to higher education. In New York State, for example, families that make under $125,000 per year can now send their children to a four year public university tuition-free. If New York can make that kind of investment in its young people, Montgomery County can afford to expand access to Montgomery College. Let's find a way to do exactly that.


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