The Agricultural Reserve is what sets Montgomery County apart from other large suburban jurisdictions; we must continue to protect this vital resource and limit any further sprawl. In areas of the County that have already been developed, Chris will fight for advanced storm water management infrastructure so the next generation of County residents can enjoy cleaner streams and safe drinking water.

Protecting the Agricultural Reserve and Our Watersheds


Let's Stop Burning Trash


Right now the County burns most of its solid waste at a trash incinerator upcounty in Dickerson. The trash incineration process emits toxic fumes into the atmosphere and leaves behind highly toxic ash that we dump in poorer communities out of state. The facility in Dickerson is a public health hazard and environmental embarrassment, and must be closed immediately. The County needs a serious zero-waste plan, including county-wide composting and a dramatic increase in recycling.

Public transportation is one of the most effective ways to reduce harmful emissions. Chris will invest in and expand the County's bus system, and fight to transition to a fleet of fully electric buses. This is particularly important for our students, as the County's current diesel fueled school buses pollute our atmosphere and worsen asthma in young children.

Reducing Emissions



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By Authority: Chris Wilhelm for County Council. Elizabeth McMeekin, Treasurer.
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