Economic Equity

We need our political leaders in Rockville and Annapolis to recognize that Montgomery County's roads are not paved with gold. Thousands of families struggle to meet their basic needs, and thousands more are finding it difficult to give their children a chance to make a decent living. We need a County Council that recognizes the threat that this inequality poses for our future prosperity and security.

Over 50,000 MCPS Students Live Near or Below the Poverty Line


A New Kind of Economy


We should do everything we can to keep dollars circulating locally, instead of being extracted by national and multinational corporations. Large 'anchor' institutions - such as hospitals, universities, and schools systems - can play a powerful role in building wealth that remains in the local community. Montgomery County should be incentivizing and providing technical assistance to our anchor institutions to increase the multiplier effect of locally-focused procurement, with a specific focus on women and minority owned businesses. Similarly, Chris will support small business and co-ops whose generated wealth stays rooted in the communities where we live and work.

Building Local Wealth


Strong labor rights are a benefit to our local economy, not a hindrance. We must acknowledge that families cannot live comfortably on anything less than a living wage. The minimum wage must be indexed to inflation, and resilient to economic downturns. The Council must also promote collective bargaining whenever possible, and provide protection for workers who are not covered by a union. Chris will fight for policies like paid family and sick leave, fixed schedules, and protections for tipped workers.

Labor Rights and Protections


A county as prosperous as ours has no excuse for the number of homeless residents on our streets. This will not be solved by criminalizing homelessness and poverty. We must offer creative solutions that allow persons experiencing homelessness to transition back into safe, stable lives. Montgomery County should follow the lead of other cities by partnering with non-profits to provide jobs to the homeless. We need programs that allow the homeless to financially support themselves while also making it easier to access healthcare and housing services.

Ending Homelessness



Mailing Address:

4740 Bradley Blvd #202

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

By Authority: Chris Wilhelm for County Council. Elizabeth McMeekin, Treasurer.
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