Responsive Government

Money in Local Politics


Elections are where people should come together as a community to decide what is in the public interest. Unfortunately, our national and local politics have become dominated by individuals and private interests who can afford to spend thousands of dollars supporting their preferred candidates.

Chris is proud to use the new public financing system, which matches small donations and allows progressive candidates to run people-powered campaigns. Politicians should represent the people who elect them, not the wealthy donors who wrote their checks. Chris supports a total ban on corporate donations to candidates to prevent corruption and conflicts of interest. Every candidate for local office in Montgomery County should be using the new public campaign financing system to limit the influence of corporate and developer contributions on County politics.

We should expand on our public financing system to make it easier for everyday people to run for office, include candidates for state offices.

Our school system is our greatest asset here in Montgomery County. Chris will fight for every dollar we can get to fund new school construction, reduce class sizes, and remove lead from our school's drinking water.

But increased funding must come with increased oversight. Chris will lead the effort to create an independent Inspector General for MCPS to oversee contracting within the $2.46 billion operating budget, investigate cases of abuse and sexual harassment, and bring sorely needed accountability to MCPS administrative practices.

Creating an MCPS Inspector General



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By Authority: Chris Wilhelm for County Council. Elizabeth McMeekin, Treasurer.
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