Montgomery County has been a leader in providing healthcare to residents who are not able to access services through traditional means. Chris will fight to protect funding for the County’s network of clinics in high schools and neighborhoods where they are most needed, including mental health care.

Affordable, Accessible Care


Single-Payer Healthcare


Chris unequivocally supports the National Nurses Union push for a Single Payer Healthcare system in Maryland. We can build on the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act to guarantee healthcare to all residents of Maryland.

Addressing Opioid Addiction


One of the most glaring crises currently facing our County is the opioid epidemic. We must treat this as a matter of public health and not criminal justice. The County must provide treatment to help residents overcome addiction, without trapping them in a criminal justice system that seeks to punish addicts rather than rehabilitate them.


Mailing Address:

4740 Bradley Blvd #202

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

By Authority: Chris Wilhelm for County Council. Elizabeth McMeekin, Treasurer.
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