Affordable Housing

Housing is a Human Right


There is a severe shortage of affordable housing in Montgomery County, and our current housing strategy only provides some families with somewhat reduced rent, but no chance to ever own a home. Skyrocketing rents make the Washington Metropolitan area one of the most expensive places to live in the entire country. Because of this housing crisis people can't afford to move here to pursue careers, and young residents often find themselves unable to move out of their families' homes.

Actually Affordable Housing


Chris would invest significant resources into Community Land Trusts, an ownership structure that allows low and moderate income families to collectively invest in real estate at a reduced rate. Using this model, we can help thousands of families in Montgomery County build equity through homeownership.

Community Land Trusts


Tenant's Rights


Over 1/3rd of Montgomery County rents--in order to serve this constituency, Chris will expand resources informing tenants of their rights, and help protect against unfair evictions. He would pressure Montgomery County's state legislative delegation to support just-cause eviction laws and legislation providing legal services for tenants facing eviction.

Resisting Gentrification


Developments like the Purple Line and the potential Amazon Headquarters have the ability to inject much needed wealth into the county, but they also threaten to price out longtime residents. We must be careful to integrate future development into the local economy without harmful disruption. In order to address the failure of the market to provide affordable housing, we must look into expanding Takoma Park’s successful rent stabilization program in areas affected by such development.


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By Authority: Chris Wilhelm for County Council. Elizabeth McMeekin, Treasurer.
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