Racial Justice

While Montgomery County's diversity should be celebrated, we cannot let that sentiment prevent us from directly addressing the systemic racism that still affects our County. A dominant theme of Montgomery County's history has been overt racial discrimination in housing, education and employment. Even now, in 2018, a marginalized community of color had to wage a public campaign to pressure the County government to preserve a historic African American cemetery in Bethesda that had been paved over.

County Policy Through a Racial Justice Lense


We see the effects of this persistent structural racism in employment and income figures: African American unemployment is 10%, while white unemployment is 4%, and households headed by whites have roughly 1.8 times as much income as households headed by African Americans or Latinos. If these trends aren't reversed we could see our community resegregate along racial and economic lines.

Concrete Steps Towards Racial Justice


Research shows that students of color benefit from having teachers who look like them. MCPS students in the Minority Scholars Program recently testified at a Board of Education meeting in favor of recruiting more teachers of color. Chris will work to create a direct pipeline for MCPS students to pursue careers in education in order to meet the needs of our communities.

Recruiting Teachers of Color


Police Accountability


Montgomery County has the authority to create a Civilian Review Board to enable residents to participate in decisions relating to police misconduct, but so far the County Council has failed to act. Chris will lead the effort to create a Civilian Review Board and make sure the Montgomery County Police Department is transparent with their data and reporting requirements so the Council and the broader community can provide sufficient oversight.


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